PC. NET  is one of the pioneer companies in producing and developing software system business and IT Solutions, which shall improve and enhance your work quality in your company.

Since PC.NET strongly believes that any job to be developed and improved must be needs a high and useful software solution work to together side by side. So, PC.NET is always in contact with markets through its qualified, experienced staff which enables PC.NET to understand companies’ needs for effective, sensitive programs. PC.NET has produced many software systems through its senior staff which includes analysts, programmers, supervisors and quality auditors .

Those products have a major role in enhancing and developing work in any company .these products include:
  • Interviews Management System-IMS.
  • HR & Attendance System.
  • Salaries Systems.
  • Customer Relationship Management System –CRM.
  • Training Centers Management System –TCM.
  • Packages Transferring Management System –PTM.

Also PC.NET have been ready to build new solutions from scratch, or making any customizations on its own existing system.

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