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Shalabeek .... More than just news Was established this site out of a personal submission to see news Chopkyh to put barbed wire, and beyond, story is in itself, the transfer of reality, or to an event somewhere, and you may lose sight of the other, beyond the news, and what will happen after the event specified in the Location and time designated.

We hope in the analysis to be fair, impartial, our goal to provide the overall vision and comprehensive, and contribute to the awareness, which we aim behind the publication of the news.

We have the attention of broadcast light, funny, and news that may not notice it one, or passes by unnoticed, we stand Nstoagaf, and we want to point out, Awihar us, and we have appointed its view of insight, analyze and explain, show and demonstrate.

We seek to open the prospects of publishing for those who can not find an outlet to express their concerns, fears or future, regarding the future of this nation, or the dangers that surround it, and its location as an integral part of the larger world.

 We ask God to help and guide, for the good of the people.

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