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Since the Eastern Jordan Emirate has been founded, many members of the famous Syrian families, Haykal family immigrated to this emirate. The late grandfather "Qasem" and his sons founded a branch of the factory of their previous career; they used to perform in Damascus which manufactures Tahina and Halawa, on Mahatta str. downtown Amman.

Since that date this industry has been being got the intensive care. The squeezer has been used to produce the best kinds of Tahina. Then after the passing away of the late father" Qasem" - may god bless his soul - this career has been inherited by the son Abdulrahman and his son "Mohammed Basheer". Abdulrahman and his son kept walking on the same steps till the conditions have been changed when father Abdulrahman went back to Damascus to continue his late days. Again this career was inherited by the son "Mohammed Basheer" who continued developing this career by founding a new building for the factory in the capital Amman in Marka area. In 1986 he imported the most developed machines at that time and he was one of the pioneers who produced the great Syrian flavored Halawa to the Jordanian market and he continued till he passed away in 1998.

Then for the third time this career has been inherited by his two sons, "Mohammed Samer" and Tamer "HAYKAL BROTHERS" who worked so hard to maintain this original legacy of noble descent. They imported the most sophisticated Tahina and Sweets machines to be installed in the modern factory which was established in Amman-Al Jwaydeh area. In this factory there are the sharpest healthy and quality nutritional conditions. Besides they developed the administrative aspect like production, sales, marketing and the financial department. All of these departments are managed by Jordanian employees.

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