If you have the desire to start learning English, then you are in right place

PC.net Academy has the required potential and equipments that are highly modern and convoy with the modern educational means used in the present time, and in the training process which help trainees learn English easily and smoothly.
Don’t feel worried if you can’t speak, write, or even read English fluently. You can master the four language skills through hard work, cooperation, determined effort, and the continuous supervision provided by our staff.

PC.Net Academy Center truly believes that every person has the opportunity to develop his/her speaking skills. English, as it is widely known, became the unified language among nations. Through English, people can communicate and interact with each other in spite of their species and languages. Your educational development doesn’t only have a positive effect on you, but also on your entire community, especially at work.

For that reason, the administration of PC.Net Academy Center made this vision possible for everyone regardless of their age, level, or the nature of their job through providing different offers that are inexpensive. The administration seeks profit for all parties; (The trainee, The Academy, The Instructor).

Our programs at the Academy can be divided into the following:
  • Level Test Program: Administered through a computerized program established specifically for this purpose.
  • Levels of English: Include 8 levels of general English.
  • English Conversation Program: Includes 4 levels.
  • TOEFL Program: Includes a preparation course for the TOEFL.
  • ILETS Program: Includes a preparation course for the ILETS program.
  • English Programs for business: Includes 2 levels of business terms.
  • English Program of IT: Includes 2 levels of information technology terms.

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