What We Do?

PC.NET believe that web design and Development when done correctly produces an inclusive,elegant and expected result. We have a simple and highly effective staged process, we follow with every project tailored respectfully to its scope; a series of five phases that together, address the core fundamentals of creating unique, stylish and usable designs for the web. While the end deliverable is ultimately “web design”, is it the process in which gets us to a successful launch of a design that makes us both unique and highly effective.

  • We hold training courses in the all of English language, Computer IT and Management to suit all levels to achieve the expected benefits to the trainee, which in turn qualifies to labor market.
  • We create strategy and design solutions for the Web.
  • We design for best-practices in information design, usability & accessibility across browsers, users and mediums.
  • We are strong Web Standards advocates who believe that valid and extensible solutions are essential.
  • We process e-marketing. We use e-mail shots and online advertising with most sites traffic
  • We design high quality commercial advertising, Various types and sizes, because we believe that good design is one of the most important elements of advertising successful .

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